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About Us

About Asia-Pacific CBD Union (ACU)
Asia-Pacific CBD Union (ACU) was registered in Hong Kong China, It is a non-profit organization voluntarily formed by financial institutions, universities, research institutes, enterprises and other organizations. It is also engaged in research on the cultivation, processing and application of hemp.

The purpose of the ACU
• Promote the improvement of the industrial hemp industry in the Asia-Pacific region,
• Promote public education in the Asia-Pacific region and increase public awareness and acceptance of industrial hemp.
• Provide industrial guidance and market education for this region;
• Report the development of the industry to government,
• Provide suggestions on industry development,
• Provide the basis for the government to make policies;
• Promote the improvement of hemp regulations and industry standards;

Hemp Research

Based on the policies of different countries and the development needs of the hemp industry, collaborate with domestic and foreign research resources, organize domestic and foreign experts and specific researchers to conduct research and report the industry development to relevant government departments. Put forward industrial development suggestions, provide the basis for the government to make policies; promote the improvement of hemp policies and industry standards.

Organize Hemp Events

Organize hemp industry forum, conference and exhibitions. Invite government officials, industrial leagues, entrepreneur as well as experts in different domains to exchange ideas, Promote the development of industrial hemp industry and accelerate the industrial hemp industry in the region to go global.

International Cooperation

ACU has established in-depth cooperation with the Hemp Industry Association of the United States, the European Industrial Hemp Association, and a number of European and American research institutions to help it carry out data collection, market research and results transformation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Cooperative partner